Kari DePhillips, Agency Owner

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Kari DePhillips, Agency Owner: Episode 47

Kari DePhillips followed her dream of working in an advertising agency, to find out that she didn’t want the life that came with it. She started taking freelance writing jobs, focused on developing her SEO skills, took on more work than hse could handle and began hiring other writers to carry it out. That is how she started The Content Factory you can also find Kari at her podcast Workationing, on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and in her course Rise and Convert.




Overflow Work

You have two options when you have more work coming in than you can reasonably handle. You can raise your prices to keep your project flow at a speed that works for you, or you can find others to outsource the work to and take on a management role. This comes down to personality. Would you rather work on your own working directly in your field? Or would you prefer to manage others? If you’re not sure, then go slowly. Send any overflow to one freelancer and get your communication with them down. Then, check-in with yourself and see which you prefer. And this holds true for any agency you build, from educational materials development, to social media management, to writing.


If you're waiting for an invitation, like I said, it's not going to come, but please let this be it. I am inviting you. Please start your own agency. Come into this industry, the water is warm, and there are plenty of people who are out… Share on X



Kari, working with a view

Making Sure You Have the Rights

Kari got sued. Well, The Content Factory got sued, because a contractor used an image that they pulled off of Google. Do not do that. Because Kari owns the agency, she was held responsible. Read the linked post, it’s worth your time, and then, take the time to source all your images properly, it’s pretty straightforward and definitely worth your time.


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There is no Invitation

We have a tendency to wait. Wait for the right time, wait for the perfect opening, wait for the go-ahead from someone, anyone. Here it is, your invitation to start, because it’s the only one you’ll get. No one is going to ask you to build your business, you have to decide to go after it. This can be unnerving at first, just know that it’s like that for all of us. That just means it’s time to start scared.


How to Find Remote work by Hacking Craigslist



Group Funnels

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