Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist

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Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist: Episode 37

Bari Tessler got into her graduate program for somatic therapy with the idea that she’d be working with what we consider emotional issues: grief, body, food, intimacy, sexuality. Then she realized her focus was finances, which we tend to think of as very concrete, with little emotional component. Only, our actions around money are informed by our reactions to financial events throughout our lives. You can find Bari on baritessler.com as well as on Instagram and Facebook.




Revamping Your Business Model

Bari started with small group courses of ten people, moving up over time. Then she added her telecourse which turned into 50 person classes, twice a year. Eventually, that became her Art of Money course, now with 500 people. Bari also has a book, The Art of Money and is in talks to become a spokesperson for financial therapy in Singapore. Your business will grow and change over the years as well. Keep your eyes open to opportunities along the way.


it was a moment where I thought I was going to have to walk away from my dream and I wrote the letter of a lifetime saying, this is not my book. This may be your book. This is not my vision. It may be yours, but I can't do this.… Click To Tweet



Bari, reading The Art of Money on her book tour

Setting Yourself Up for Success

A few years into her journey Bari received a call about creating a CD based course, something she had been hoping for. And when the time came, it just didn’t’ work. Sitting in front of a microphone just didn’t work as well as talking with a class. And so, when she decided to do her telecourse, Bari nearly made the same mistake. Realizing what she was about to do to herself, she pivoted and got permission from her students to record and use pieces from the class she was already teaching. We all have strengths,  we just need to recognize and play to them.


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Protecting Your Vision and Creation

Later, Bari had contracted to write a book using her methodology to start readers on their own personal financial therapy journey. And her editor took the book apart and reassembled it, but when you change the order you change the method. So the book was no longer Bari’s. Thinking she was going to have to walk away she wrote a letter to the publisher and to her surprise Bari was able to go back to the original manuscript and preserve her vision of what the book should be.


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Art of Money Book

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