Rucheli Berry, Support Engineer

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Rucheli Berry, Job Board Creator: Episode 38

Rucheli Berry started her remote career as a way to stay home with her new baby and has continued because of the flexibility it gives her family. She has shifted from aerospace to manufacturing engineering, then to software engineering and now to support engineering and remote job search coaching. You can find Rucheli at remotelypossible.tech as well as on Facebook and Twitter.



Skills Transfer and Learning

Looking at Rucheli’s path you can see how she has moved from one use of her skills to another, picking up new skills to help with the transitions. This is one reason I always advise a skills assessment. You know more than you think you do and you probably don’t value what comes easily. Getting a broad overview can give you a way to choose what comes next.


when I was hired for my first remote job, after going through that experience myself and finally figuring out this whole customization thing and figuring out how to speak in their language, the job that I ended up getting hired for, it… Click To Tweet



Rucheli and family enjoying Red Rock Canyon

Customizing Applications

Rucheli started out her remote job search blasting the same resume to every open position. And it got her nowhere. Once she started targeting the language in her applications, customizing her cover letter, and including a project specific to the job listing, her responses skyrocketed. Eventually, she had offers to leverage against each other. The time each customization took saved her hours of sending out identical resumes and applications that would bring fewer results.


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There are recruiters and hiring managers looking for people just like you. Not only is that the attitude to take when seeking opportunities, it’s also true. You have (or can gain) the skills companies are seeking, the bigger issue is how to best help them find you. And that’s why you’re targeting your applications, to help the right offer find you, not the other way around.




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