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Rucheli Berry, Support Engineer

Rucheli Berry, Job Board Creator: Episode 38 Rucheli Berry started her remote career as a way to stay home with her new baby and has continued because of the flexibility it gives her family. She has shifted from aerospace to manufacturing engineering, then to software engineering and now to support engineering and remote job search coaching. You can find Rucheli at remotelypossible.tech as well as on Facebook and Twitter.     ...

Julia Taylor, Web Developer

Julia Taylor, Web Developer: Episode 21 Julia Taylor started out in the US intelligence community and found herself moving to the UK for love. With her husband’s military career they would up and move every couple of years, so Julia knew she needed to take control of her path. She also knew she needed to develop a skill, but wasn’t sure what to pursue. After her boss dropped an assignment to make changes to the company website, ...