Getting Started

Howdy! (I’m from Texas, I get to say that)

Welcome to Compass, a podcast where I interview location independent womxn about their work and the paths that got them there.  I’ve been location independent since 2010 and over the years I’ve seen more and more women from travel groups that I belong to, want to work while traveling and not know where to start. Affiliate marketers, drop shippers, and a variety of MLMs swoop in and try to sway them towards one path or another.

But there are so many more options available, including ones that I haven’t found yet, and I’ve found over a hundred. I want Compass to be a place where women can get straight forward information about various types of work, both remote and self employment, so they can make informed choices about their futures.

This site is where all the show notes live, as well as posts about the nuts and bolts of being location independent and peeks into the daily lives of other location independent women.  And if you have any questions, send me a message, I read them all and I’ll do what I can to help.