Phon Baillie, Proofreader

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Phon Baillie, Proofreader: Episode 55

Phon Baillie enjoyed proofreading before she knew it was a job. After graduating university and later publishing school, Phon then went out on her own to become a freelance proofreader. You can find Phon on her site artofproofreading.com, where you can sign up for a free five day course or join her free masterclass.




Networking to Build a Client Base

Building your network builds your business. While it may not come easy for all of us, having a wide and solid network gives us a better footing for finding clients. Think about it, the more people who know you and what you do, the more likely one of them will either need your services or recommend you to someone who does. And for Phon, this was how she found her first clients.


if you see someone who is higher levels up from where you are and you see them as an inspiration, absolutely feel that you can get to their level. So don't ever think that something is out of your reach. ~Phon Baillie Click To Tweet


Phon, hard at work

Marketing for Stability

Phon devotes time to marketing to keep her income stable. Whether you’re bringing in new clients or reminding former ones that you’re available to meet their needs, a steady stream of requests creates a steady stream of income. what are some ways you can reach out to new and former clients?


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Niche Down

Proofreading covers a lot of topics and if you can develop expertise and specialize, then you can charge more. We talked about this with Hannah Dixon when discussing virtual assistants and it’s true here. Many fields have specific language and methods that may not read the same as general language. Knowing those nuances makes you more valuable to your target clients. What fields do you know well where you could call on that knowledge to create your niche?



The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks


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