Nicole Berry, Study Abroad Organizer

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Nicole Berry, Study Abroad Organizer: Episode 34

Nicole Berry found her love for international education while studying abroad during university. After trying to find a job in the field, she decided to go out on her own. You can find Nicole on linguistichorizons.com, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.




Investing in Advertising

It can be scary putting money into something that you don’t know if it will pan out. Especially in the beginning, you’re risking money that could go towards fancier food or a night out with friends. Ultimately, risk is what we as entrepreneurs, do. We look at what we can lose and decide if it’s worth seeing what we can gain. This is what Nicole did with advertising. It was scary, but when she made the leap, the money came back with great returns in the form of new enrollees.


I didn't really have a plan for it to be what it became. I just kind of took it one step at a time. ~ @whereisnicole Click To Tweet



Nicole, with her students

Hiring to Increase Revenue

We generally talk with solopreneurs and sometimes agency owners. In terms of the people we talk with on Compass, Nicole is unique in the structure she’s looking at to grow her business, employees. While having an agency means having employees, ultimately, they do what you do. Nicole is looking to free up her time by hiring out skills that she doesn’t want to focus her energies on, like social media and lead generation. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you’re the right one for the job.


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Side Project

When Nicole didn’t find a job in international education she decided to go another way. She got a different job and started organizing study abroad experiences as a side project. There are always multiple ways to go after what you want, ask anyone who plays video games. If you can’t get there directly, there’s always over, under, around, and about a dozen other prepositions. Step back, be creative, and see what shows up.


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