Arpine Ayvazyan, Product Designer

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Arpine Ayvazyan, Product Designer: Episode 52

Arpine Ayvazyan combines her education in behavioral economics and game theory with her creative nature to design products people want and need. You can find her at her site Arpine Ayvazyan’s Studio and reach out through her contact page.





Higher Earning than at Home

This was a new one for me and it’s great. Arpine became location independent so that she could earn a European income but spend as much time as she wants in Armenia, with her friends and family. This is the reverse of what we tend to think of with countries with a lower average wage, which is to hire for cheap. Just because you come from a lower average wage country, doesn’t mean you’re limited to those expectations. You can use the internet to level the playing field, just like Arpine did.


I never thought about the idea that I could just pause or stop the project on my side or discontinue the cooperation, the partnership with the client. ~Arpine Ayvasyan Click To Tweet



Arpine Ayvazyan | Product Designer

Arpine enjoying her travels

Knowing You Can Stop

As a service provider, what do you do when the client relationship isn’t working for you? For a long time, Arpine felt like she couldn’t walk away. And you don’t want to unnecessarily burn any bridges, but you do have the right to end a business relationship that isn’t working. You can find a way to approach the client with clarity and a fair way out for both of you. If they react poorly, then you’re better off having left anyway.


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Thinking Sustainably

Do you have a product in mind, but don’t want to waste materials working up samples? What about taking that extra step to see that your product has a second or even third life once it’s first use is over? These ideas are possible and happening right now with product design. You can build sustainability into your design without ever casting a mold. What possibilities are popping into your head?










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