Julie Waterkotte, Stationer

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Julie Waterkotte, Stationer: Episode 31

Julie Waterkotte is a stationer who works from home. She uses her artistic talents to design custom wedding suites and other types of stationery with creative flair and personality. You can find her at oddlotpaperie.com as well as on Facebook and Instagram.




New Uses for Old Skills

Julie has been an artist her entire life, first going to art college and later working in advertising, then video games. Only after becoming a bit frustrated with the inevitable changes in her designs, from decision by committee, did Julie start designing in her spare time, slowly building up income from Print on Demand sites. 


Just be good to your clients and they'll come back to you pretty much for anything. ~Julie Waterkotte Click To Tweet



Julie, enjoying her hike

Vary Your Income Sources

We hear it time and again and it’s so true. Having multiple income streams protects you from income volatility. In Julie’s case, the bridal industry has shifted from 80% to 50% of her design work. Having her PoD income as well as doing other types of design work have kept her going through those changes. Look at creating downloads, courses, PoD, books, audiobooks, affiliate marketing relevant to your field, having a shop, taking custom work, consulting… Choosing a few different streams can give you stability when circumstances out of your control hit. 


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Listening to Your Clients

We all just want to be heard. When you’ve got a client who seems clingy, make sure they know that you’ve understood what they’re looking for and also that you’ve made time for them. Some clients are always going to try and micromanage, but many are just unsure and need to know what’s going on.

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