Amy Simpkins, Renewable Energy Consultant

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Amy Simpkins, Renewable Energy Consultant: Episode 32

Amy Simpkins started out as an aerospace engineer. After realizing that strategic thinking covers many fields, Amy got into business. Once she coached her husband into starting his own venture, she joined him as CEO. You can find her at mugrid.com,
amysimpkins.com, and bizinsideout.com.




Government Programs

The US Department of Energy had a program called the Solar in Your Community Challenge, which allowed Amy and her husband to make contacts and gain contracts all while helping lower income communities. Occasionally, we hear from Compass guests that they found a government program that in one way or another helped them get their feet under them. I think we don’t hear it more often because these programs aren’t well advertised and we don’t think to look. Taking time to run a couple of searches might get your business on firm footing that much sooner.


My number one tip for women who want to get into pretty much any technical field and be an entrepreneur as in any technical field, is to let your femininity and your feminine strengths be part of your value proposition. ~Amy Simpkins Click To Tweet


Amy’s potential jobs list, age 6


Consulting or Intellectual Property

We often talk about scaling on Compass and it’s a very individual decision. Coaching, consulting, and service work tend to be on the trading time for money end of the spectrum. Downloads, courses, and books are on the recurring revenue end, and they all are types of intellectual property. Additionally, you can develop systems and models to sell to other businesses, depending on what you do. It may be time to take another look at what you do and what other revenue streams are available. Amy consults and is still keeping an eye on whether they want to look at selling their proprietary models later on.


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Changing the World

It’s rare that you get to see the effect your work has on the world at large. I occasionally hear from listeners about how the show has made a difference in their lives. When you manage a company’s social media account you can see how it’s helping grow their business. Amy gets to see how their work sets up individual companies to shift their energy footprints and it’s overall effect in the grand scheme.


Lockheed Martin

National Renewable Energy Lab

Solar in Your Community Challenge

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