Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist

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Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist: Episode 3

Natalie Williams transitioned from being a virtual assistant to specializing in connecting podcast guests and hosts. She started following the path we’re often encouraged to follow, but it wasn’t right for her, so she found her own way. You can find her at virtuallynatalie.com and on Instagram.




Play to Find Your Work

At a young age Natalie took on the persona of newscaster, truly getting into the roll by carrying a hand made microphone constructed from aluminum foil and a paper towel tube. As time passed she switched her focus to PR, only to become disenchanted with what traditional PR entails. As we have found, life tends to be a series of loops, and for Natalie, this meant coming back to PR from another angle, podcasters.

I was good at talking to people, networking... making connections, putting myself out there & representing brands ~Natalie Williams Click To Tweet


woman with headphones and sunglasses looking into camera, holding mobile phone

Natalie, setting up her office of the day

Know Your Skills

When Natalie found PR she knew it was a great fit. “I knew I was good at talking to people, networking with people, making connections, putting myself out there and representing brands or people or anything of the sort.” While it’s not always easy to see your skill sets, it pays (literally) to sit down and figure out what they are. The things that come easiest to you are exactly what someone else has difficulty with and will pay you to handle. Just because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy.


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How do You Want to Live?

While finding her way between leaving the PR program at college and becoming a VA, Natalie studied recreational therapy. This allowed her to step back and take a look at the kind of life she wanted to live. Natalie realized that she wanted to make sure the living of her life came first. Set your priorities and then build around them.

90 Day VA

How Heat Mapping Your Productivity Can Make You More Productive

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