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Amy Scott, Editor: Episode 6

Amy Scott is a freelance editor at nomadeditorial.com, where she works with authors in all stages of the writing process. She quit her job at a publishing company and took off on an around the world trip in 2004, which led her to hang out her own shingle the next year. Amy also runs nomadtopia.com where she has a membership community and her own podcast, Nomadtopia.




Coming Full Circle

Amy started out as a child wanting to be a poet, then swung to journalism, looping back for a major in literature which led to becoming an editor, each focus adjacent to the next. What kind of work is closely related to your interests? Do your hobbies have a way to bring you work? What about adding a couple of skills that along the same lines? We’ve talked a bit about how just because something is easy for you doesn’t make it easy. What about making your abilities even more marketable by expanding your skill set?

(after quitting my job to travel) I realized... at this point, I don't have anything to lose. I already don't have a job... ~Amy Scott Click To Tweet


Amy Scott Hiking

Amy, on a hike

Making and Milking Connections

When you’ve been at something a while, for work or not, you make connections. Make a list of who you know and what you need; it’s amazing how often those lists mesh. And once the job is over, ask for a testimonial and also a recommendation. When you help people, they want to help you, so make it easy for them by letting them know what you need. A quick, “and if you know anyone who needs an x, please send them my way” both gives a bit of direction and still allows them an out if they don’t know anyone who needs your services… yet.


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Who are You Talking To?

When Amy first started, she had a portfolio site which was just what she needed for publishing house clients. For authors, it wasn’t enough. Amy revamped her site to teach prospective clients what an editor does, about the different types of editors, and what she could do for them. When your client base doesn’t know that you could help, the first step is showing them how their lives would be better and easier with your assistance. People are rushed and often uninformed, so make it easy on them. Show them the benefits of having you on their team.

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