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Rebecca Hulse – A Day in My Life

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Rebecca Hulse: Guangzhou, China

Rebecca Hulse, an author, speaker, and facilitator gives us a peek into her day:

7:05 am I have a look at my phone and check out what happened in my world while I slept – it’s amazing what gets created overnight!

7:20 am Get clean. While I shower, I use this time to create myself as I desire to be. One of the Access Consciousness® tools I use every morning is to destroy and uncreate everything I was yesterday. You do it just by saying that. I do this so that every day is a completely new day with no projections, expectations, or baggage from my past that comes with me.

7:40 am While I get dressed and do my makeup, I listen to replays of classes and podcasts to set up my day. Some of my favorites include Simone Milasas’s The Art and Industry of Business & Living and Right Riches Talks. I ask my body what it would like to wear instead of deciding what I want to look like. My body is the one wearing it, not me!

8:00 am It’s Business Time. I grab a coffee, put some cream and sugar in it and get to work. I ask myself “Who or what requires my attention today?” and start there. Sometimes it’s a meeting, or checking slack channels, or sometimes social media. By following the energy my day creates a flow and I go with what is required rather than being pulled in 1000 directions.

9:00 am My calendar tells me it’s time to leave for class! If you find you get carried away easily like me, put the time you need to leave in your calendar. 😉

9:15 am I like to meet the people I’ll be working with when I facilitate. Makes us both seem more like real people so that they can ask me anything during the class.

9:30 am Class starts! First question out of my mouth: “If you could get anything out of this, what would it be?” and again, reminding myself to follow the energy rather than where I think the class is supposed to go. And… if all else fails: Turn. The. Page.

11:00 am My head is spinning slightly so I know the whole room needs a break. Time to grab some sugar and salt depending on what my body wants and let everyone relax and get out of their chair. Brain Fry!!!

11:15 am Gather up the attention of the class again. Let’s do this!

12:30 pm Time for lunch. I ask my body what it would like. Sometimes it’s getting my Bars run, or going somewhere absolutely delicious. Lunchtime is a break where I can be creative and offer my body the homeopathic contribution it desires. It’s not just for eating! Today, we are going to a beautiful, quiet, fine-dining restaurant and of course, we are multi-tasking. In our company, we have some of the most brilliant meetings and ideas in a “Computer Party” over lunch.


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2:30 pm The energy is now tugging towards class again, everyone’s body has had some space to relax and is ready for more change!

4:00 pm Everyone is fried again, but not done and no-one is ready to go home. We try for another break and I am ready for a glass of wine. Good thing it’s my class and I can drink what I would like to!

5:30 pm Photo time, it always seems weird to me that after a day of humongous change, people love photos. I personally feel like my face has slid down and is hanging somewhere off my chin. I smile and hope that my face looks half normal.

6:00 pm Back at the hotel. I need some space for me, so make a cup of tea and dive into whatever book I’m reading with some salty snacks, today it’s Freedom at Midnight.

7:00 pm I can feel people pulling on me and I check into my computer again. If I feel overwhelmed I ask “Ok, what’s one action or thing I can create?” and do that, and then repeat!

8:00 pm I’ve been using that tool for an hour and really swung into momentum! Where did that time go?

8:15 pm I am hungry now… I find somewhere good close to the hotel or in it to grab something delicious.

9:30 pm Another amazing food adventure in another new city enjoyed! Now to choose if I want to create more, or relax? Creation won this round tonight.

9:45 pm Europe is awake, I have a quick Skype call with some of the team involved with future events there.

10:00 pm The Blue Light filter came on my computer and Do Not Disturb automatically flicked over giving me the space to choose if I want to work more or not. I’m fried so I go to bed.

10:15 pm First, I always take off my make up and take a minute to thank my body.

10:25 pm I set a few Access Consciousness clearings on my computer at low volume to play during the night while I sleep.

10:30 pm And I pick my book up again until I’m ready to fall asleep. Good night!

So, tell us, what’s your day like?

Rebecca Hulse
Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker, Joy of Business and Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitator. She is an event organiser and consultant, who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients.  Having completed her first “bucket list” by age 20, Rebecca is the personification of her motto “Impossible is Temporary”. Rebecca is the author of three books and regularly speaks to a global audience on business, consciousness and wealth. At just over a quarter of a century in age, she is a go-getting, jet-setting millennial.

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