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Linnea Molander, Dating Coach

Linnea Molander, Dating Coach: Episode 25 Linnea Molander started out pursuing musical theater, took a detour as an airport bus driver then found a neuroscience-based university program for coaching. With a focus on happiness and attachment psychology everything tied in just right for her to start her dating coach business while still in school. You can find Linnea at in Swedish and on in English.   ...

Melody Spencer, Marketing Mentor

Melody Spencer, Marketing Mentor: Episode 24 Melody Spencer is a marketing mentor who started out as an administrative assistant. She took what she had learned in her marketing studies and applied them to the then new world of digital marketing and went out on her own. You can find Melody at and on her podcast Biz Babes with Soul, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.     Client Expectations When you start out, ...

Mary Tomasso, Content Creator

Mary Tomasso, Content Creator: Episode 23 Mary Tomasso is a content creator from Italy. In addition to her content creation work, Mary also created the first virtual assistant training course in Italian. She is now learning about conversation design, helping AI interact with people. You can find her at her site, and on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook     Letting Go and Delegating If you take on too much, raise ...

Christina Gawlik, Math Writer

Christina Gawlik, Math Writer: Episode 22 Christina Gawlik started as a high school math teacher, not a career you can really take with you on the road. Over the years she earned degrees and developed skills that would (and did) easily translate to becoming a consultant and content developer. Now she creates support materials for textbooks and other kinds of mathematics consulting. You can find Christina on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. ...

Julia Taylor, Web Developer

Julia Taylor, Web Developer: Episode 21 Julia Taylor started out in the US intelligence community and found herself moving to the UK for love. With her husband’s military career they would up and move every couple of years, so Julia knew she needed to take control of her path. She also knew she needed to develop a skill, but wasn’t sure what to pursue. After her boss dropped an assignment to make changes to the company website, ...

Martina Russo, Translator

Martina Russo, Translator: Episode 20 Martina Russo is a translator and action sports enthusiast who also travels with her cats. She can be found for translation work at for action sports translations. You can follow Martina’s adventures with her cats at     Starting Without a Plan Martina started her location independent life without much of a plan and it was as difficult as ...

Cori Carl, Managing Director

Cori Carl, Managing Director: Episode 19 Cori Carl is the managing director of The Caregiver Space. She started her remote journey by accident when her college employers didn’t replace her after she left to backpack Europe. And later when her wife got relocated her current position became remote as well. And let’s be honest, once you’ve gone remote, it’s hard to go back. You can find Cori at and you ...

Amanda Baye, Branding Strategist

Amanda Baye, Branding Strategist: Episode 18 Amanda Baye is a remote branding strategist who started out traveling the world teaching English. Those positions were great for travel, but required her to stay put in one city for the duration of her contract. She loved the travel and had an artistic background, and so, found her way to becoming a remote branding strategist. You can find Amanda at, on Instagram, Facebook, and by ...

Anna Lundberg, Success Coach

Anna Lundberg, Business Coach: Episode 17 Anna Lundberg has spent part of her life in the corporate world and part of her life as a “hippie“. She’s worked in marketing for a multinational corporation and she’s traveled on a budget. Eventually, she returned to London, started her own business, and found a happy medium where she has both the freedom she had while traveling and the financial support of a successful business. You can find ...