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Kate Birtch, Property Insurance

Kate Birtch, Rental Property Insurance: Episode 49 Kate Birtch found her way to insurance after an unfortunate incident with her own short term rental property. Airbnb let her down and Kate began sorting through what kinds of insurance were available to property owners like her. And what she saw was a gap in the market, so Kate started Property Protect. You can reach her through email and follow her travels on Instagram.       ...

Zsófia Bányai, Operations Manager

Zsófia Bányai, Operations Manager: Episode 48 Zsófia Bányai wanted to be a historian, but that didn’t quite work out. So she specialied in VAT, which lead her to  company where she was able to adjust their systems into something more productive and bit by bit she became their operations manager. You can find Zsófia on LinkedIn.       Being Good with Being Different Because of her background in history, Zsófia looks at ...

Kari DePhillips, Agency Owner

Kari DePhillips, Agency Owner: Episode 47 Kari DePhillips followed her dream of working in an advertising agency, to find out that she didn’t want the life that came with it. She started taking freelance writing jobs, focused on developing her SEO skills, took on more work than hse could handle and began hiring other writers to carry it out. That is how she started The Content Factory you can also find Kari at her podcast Workationing, ...

Jordan Jeppe, Social Media Marketer

Jordan Jeppe, Social Media Marketer: Episode 46 Jordan Jeppe built her social media marketing career by keeping open to opportunities and saying yes when they came her way. You can find Jordan at jjandcomgmt.com as well as on Instagram and Facebook.       Following Opportunities that Show Up When Jordan was in school in LA she waitressed, and her customers would ask what she was studying. Having these conversations led to her ...

Cepee Tabibian, Community Founder

Cepee Tabibian, Community Founder: Episode 45 Cepee Tabibian first studied marketing then her career path curved away towards HR, only to come back to social media marketing years later. Now Cepee is building online communities and fostering those connections between her members. You can find Cepee at her site shehitrefresh.com as well as on her personal Instagram, Facebook group, and Instagram for She Hit Refresh.       ...

Alison Gold, Social Problem Solving Consultant

Alison Gold, Social Problem Solving Consultant: Episode 44 Alison Gold got her degree in anthropology and then worked areas like government and philanthropy for 14 years. After taking a sabbatical, Alison knew that she wanted to have the flexibility to travel and still work on projects important to her. She became a consultant working with social issues. You can find her at optimisticanthro.com as well as on Instagram.       ...

Chelsea Glass, Travel Consultant

Chelsea Glass, Travel Consultant: Episode 43 Chelsea Glass has lead an unconventional life from an early age, so it’s no surprise that she built a business in a foreign country showing others how to travel responsibly and with consideration. You can find Chelsea at heartoftravel.com as well as on Instagram and by email.       Personal Independence The earlier you start going off on your own the easier it is later on, ...

Elise Rorick, Book Designer

Elise Rorick, Book Designer: Episode 42 Elise Rorick began her arts studies with photography. After finding her way to book design Elise now incorporates photography in her designs as well. You can find Elise at lusicovicreatevi.com as well as on Instagram and  Facebook.       When the Job You Want Doesn’t Exist Not all types of work exist as typical jobs. And it sounds really obvious, but it can be hard to internalize: ...

Amanda Foltz, Cyber Security

Amanda Foltz, Cybersecurity: Episode 41 Amanda Foltz has always gone a bit against the grain, into male-dominated fields, starting with joining the military directly after high school and trying out for the SEALs team. And now, Amanda works in cybersecurity. You can find her at amandafoltz.com and wanderbless.com.       Learning Online Getting certifications and formal training is always helpful, but often the information you ...