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Chelsea Glass, Travel Consultant

Chelsea Glass, Travel Consultant: Episode ? Casey Marriott found her way into journalism and then into the digital world. Casey has built a career for herself, figuring it out as she goes, adding skills as she finds ones that interest her. You can find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as on her business pages parotas.com and mexlocal.com       Traveling to Find Your Path After finishing her gap year, ...

Britt Sheflin, Hypnotherapist

Britt Sheflin, Hypnotherapist: Episode 40 Britt Sheflin started out as a chef, but after a car accident left her without the use of her sense of smell, Britt knew she needed to get a new plan in place. Because of a great experience with hypnotherapy during birthing, that plan became hypnotherapy college. You can find Britt on her site brittsheflin.com, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.       Seeing the Results of Your Work ...

Bonnie Christine, Surface Pattern Designer

Bonnie Christine, Surface Pattern Designer: Episode 39 Bonnie Christine coming from a family of entrepreneurs, knew she wanted that freedom, but wasn’t sure of her path. Not until working in her mom’s quilt shop after finishing her business degree, did she discover her love for fabric design. You can find her at bonniechristine.com as well as on Facebook and Instagram.        One Thing Every Day Five huge leaps, or a hundred ...

Rucheli Berry, Support Engineer

Rucheli Berry, Job Board Creator: Episode 38 Rucheli Berry started her remote career as a way to stay home with her new baby and has continued because of the flexibility it gives her family. She has shifted from aerospace to manufacturing engineering, then to software engineering and now to support engineering and remote job search coaching. You can find Rucheli at remotelypossible.tech as well as on Facebook and Twitter.     ...

Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist

Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist: Episode 37 Bari Tessler got into her graduate program for somatic therapy with the idea that she’d be working with what we consider emotional issues: grief, body, food, intimacy, sexuality. Then she realized her focus was finances, which we tend to think of as very concrete, with little emotional component. Only, our actions around money are informed by our reactions to financial events throughout our ...

Hannah Dixon, VA Trainer

Hannah Dixon, VA Trainer: Episode 36 Hannah Dixon turned a job that she fell into, acting as a virtual assistant, into a way to help others create their own destinies. While that sounds a bit dramatic, it’s true. By showing exactly how you can take your interests and use them to niche down, Hannah teaches not only virtual assistant skills, but also building a specialized business. You can find her at digitalnomadkit.com where you can ...

Hope Allison, Fitness Coach

Hope Allison, Fitness Coach: Episode 35 Hope Allison started out her health career in meal planning and only after deciding to focus on creating meal plans for personal trainers did she decide to become one herself. After realizing how much she enjoyed fitness she became certified and added coaching into the mix. Now you can find her on Facebook and at nutritiontoyouchefhope.com.     Secondary Stream to Main Income  Keep your eyes ...

Nicole Berry, Study Abroad Organizer

Nicole Berry, Study Abroad Organizer: Episode 34 Nicole Berry found her love for international education while studying abroad during university. After trying to find a job in the field, she decided to go out on her own. You can find Nicole on linguistichorizons.com, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.       Investing in Advertising It can be scary putting money into something that you don’t know if it will ...

Sarah Cordiner, Online Course Creator

Sarah Cordiner, Online Course Creator: Episode 33 Sarah Cordiner started off knowing that she just wanted out, out of school and to see the world. What she found was a path back into education, though much different from the schooling she went through. You can find Sarah on sarahcordiner.com and if you’re looking to begin your own courses she has two free places to start: Course Plan Challenge and Course Plan in 60 Minutes. You can ...