Kate Birtch, Property Insurance

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Kate Birtch, Rental Property Insurance: Episode 49

Kate Birtch found her way to insurance after an unfortunate incident with her own short term rental property. Airbnb let her down and Kate began sorting through what kinds of insurance were available to property owners like her. And what she saw was a gap in the market, so Kate started Property Protect. You can reach her through email and follow her travels on Instagram.




Hiring Internationally

We are part of a global economy, and one that is shifting. Does your schedule mean working with someone in another timezone makes more sense? Are you okay working with someone whose native language isn’t the same as yours if it means a better quality product or a better time frame? Will you choose a provider with a lower asking price if it means a time zone lag? We have a lot of questions to answer if we’re going to make our best choices in the world of international hires.


I think that I didn't really connect the dots on how important your network is until later in life and now I look at your network is equal to your net worth and so I do a very good job now of kind of curating a really small group of… Click To Tweet

Kate, enjoying a bit of coworking

Building Your Network

As digital nomads, it’s easy to feel alone, and this goes for our business lives as much as it does our personal ones. The answer in both cases is reaching out, building a network. Interact, offer help, answer questions, and when you need it, ask for help. Since we’re often on the move, online groups can be the best place to start. I love Digital Nomad Girls, Female Digital Nomads, and She Hit Refresh.


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Adding Value

I love our pricing discussions because so many of us have no idea where to start. Kate talked about how in insurance, pricing is tied to coverage, but that she likes to add value as well. And it got me thinking, how can we add value to our products and services without adding work to our day. Is it in the way interacting with us allows our clients to feel? Is it in a product we can create once and send as a bonus to our loyal clients? What can we do and create that make the experience of working with us an even better choice?






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