Zsófia Bányai, Operations Manager

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Zsófia Bányai, Operations Manager: Episode 48

Zsófia Bányai wanted to be a historian, but that didn’t quite work out. So she specialied in VAT, which lead her to  company where she was able to adjust their systems into something more productive and bit by bit she became their operations manager. You can find Zsófia on LinkedIn.




Being Good with Being Different

Because of her background in history, Zsófia looks at problems differently than other finance students did, and now differently than other operations managers. This means seeing solutions the others wouldn’t necessarily see either and that’s a win for everybody. It’s time to learn to view our different perspectives and ideas as the strengths they are.


So I really think that those people who start to run their own business, even if it is really small, they do deserve the opportunity to look at this business, in a way, the big corporations look on their business. ~Zsófia Bányai Click To Tweet



Zsófia enjoying her travels

Asking for What You Want

The job Zsófia applied for wasn’t listed as remote, but she took the risk and asked. Instead of saying yes or no, they decided to have a trial period. When the trial period ended they agreed to turn the job into a contract position, and now Zsófia is self employed, and filling out her roster.


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Seeing an Opportunity and Taking It

There are so many opportunities that we don’t see, and even the ones we do, we often just keep going, thinking they’re not for us. But if we grab that opening and see where it leads, great things can come of it. Zsófia didn’t set out to become an operations manager, but she followed the opportunities that presented themselves and found a great career that she enjoys.

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