Britt Sheflin, Hypnotherapist

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Britt Sheflin, Hypnotherapist: Episode 40

Britt Sheflin started out as a chef, but after a car accident left her without the use of her sense of smell, Britt knew she needed to get a new plan in place. Because of a great experience with hypnotherapy during birthing, that plan became hypnotherapy college. You can find Britt on her site brittsheflin.com, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.




Seeing the Results of Your Work

What are the takeaways your clients have where you can see how they’ve benefitted? One of Britt’s first clients went from having fears that prevented her from enjoying her day to day life to being able to fly to her honeymoon, go to a rooftop bar with friends, and take the elevator in her building. These all can seem like small things, unless you just can’t do them. What is something that seems small that helps your clients change their lives?


To just see the transformation of how powerful that was. To be, to have something that's completely debilitating and life altering, and then to have them walk in one day and they're like, I can completely do this now and I'm fine and… Click To Tweet



Britt, enjoying a hike with her baby

Writing to Learn

They say, if you really want to learn something teach it to someone else. Britt takes that in a slightly different direction. She teaches by writing about it. The idea is the same, you have to have a firm grip on something to explain it to someone else. Depending on your audience, you may be able to reach more people and do so from the comfort of your home, or coffee shop, or even airplane.


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Spectrum of Prices

I love the money questions. I especially love when different guests share similar answers. Britt talks about having a spectrum of prices, and so did Michelle Ward. In addition to your one on one prices, you can have group offerings, and digital offerings that are targeted towards people who maybe can’t yet afford your upper-tier pricing, but you can still help them. You can conserve your energy and still reach lots of people.


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