Elise Rorick, Book Designer

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Elise Rorick, Book Designer: Episode 42

Elise Rorick began her arts studies with photography. After finding her way to book design Elise now incorporates photography in her designs as well. You can find Elise at lusicovicreatevi.com as well as on Instagram and  Facebook.




When the Job You Want Doesn’t Exist

Not all types of work exist as typical jobs. And it sounds really obvious, but it can be hard to internalize: Just because you can’t find a job listing for something doesn’t mean it’s not valid and valuable work. Creating your own job description lets you take even greater control in building the life you want. Write it out, see what it looks like and go from there. If nothing else, you can visualize where you want to go.


The thing that I actually really love doing, it really doesn't exist as like a typical nine to five. ~Elise Rorick Click To Tweet



Elise, enjoying a beach vacation

Following What Inspires You

All of Elise’s projects in university were inspired by books. Taking a look at that theme led her to figuring out how to make book design her work. Without taking a deeper dive into her influences, she would never have known to take the next step. What are your influences? What themes run through the things you enjoy?


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Marketing in Facebook Groups

Elise shows up in Facebook groups adjacent to her work, groups for authors and creators, and helps. She’s known for being there and lending a hand or giving advice when her expertise can help. This is not a call for more long form posts offering inspiration or unsolicited advice. We have enough of those. But being truly helpful can get you noticed.


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