Amanda Foltz, Cyber Security

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Amanda Foltz, Cybersecurity: Episode 41

Amanda Foltz has always gone a bit against the grain, into male-dominated fields, starting with joining the military directly after high school and trying out for the SEALs team. And now, Amanda works in cybersecurity. You can find her at amandafoltz.com and wanderbless.com.




Learning Online

Getting certifications and formal training is always helpful, but often the information you need is online. Amanda says she will, “for three days put my head into my computer and learn what I need to know”. And I think it’s important to remember that learning this way can help you to just start and get going. We tend to use a need to learn as a way to procrastinate and if you have an inclination towards that, then maybe it’s time to jump in.


the first week or two that we started doing this, I was falling asleep on the job and my husband's like, I'm going to fire you. I was so tired. ~Amanda Foltz Click To Tweet



Amanda, enjoying Nusa Penida

Time Zones

One thing that digital nomads sometimes forget to consider is time zones. When your clients are in the US, but you’re in South East Asia that may mean you need to stay up until midnight or later to take calls. Can you keep up with that schedule, do you want to? Currently, I’m in Ecuador, so I’m on the same time as New York or Miami, but when I’m in Eastern Europe, the difference can be more like seven to eight hours ahead. And when you’re moving frequently or some countries have daylight savings time and some don’t… it gets complicated.


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Filling Gaps in the Market

One of the things I love about Amanda’s story, and is also true for Amy Simkins, if you listened to her episode, big companies target other big companies and charge high rates. Can you target small to mid-range companies and find a pricing structure that works for you and them both? Filling that market gap can mean big business for you.



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