Mari Johnson, Data Analyst

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Mari Johnson, Data Analyst: Episode 11

As a child, Mari Johnson wanted to be a librarian, a makeup artist, a dancer, and a journalist. She made it through all of those and got a call from a journalist friend who had gotten into advertising operations and needed someone who could handle very focused work. Networking isn’t’ just about handing out cards at conferences. You can find Mari on Twitter.



Keeping Sane with Timers

As Mari says, “when you’re in the deep work state, you can frequently work many more hours than you intend to, not eat, not take a break, not do the things you need to do, not manage the things you need personally.” So, she uses timers, specifically the Pomodoro Method. And I have to say that I love this, I love the practice of keeping on track and still taking care of yourself. Because, let’s be honest, working a series of 16 hour days will end badly, it’s just a question of how badly.

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Mari Johnson, Data Analyst

Mari, Dancing Tango


Shutting Down Negative Self Talk

When the doubts arise and your brain gets vocal about them, “I’m never going to get it. This is just taking too long. I should just give up. I’m so bad at this. What did I think I was doing, doing this job?”, you have to shut it down. Do whatever it takes to reset. If that means taking a break, going for a walk, making a cup of tea, or headbanging to 80s hair bands, do whatever it takes. Then once you’re back in a good headspace, start back, because taking care of your mental health is just as important as physical health.

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Know Yourself

“Right now, data analysis and data science are hot and we literally cannot get enough people to do this work. But there’s a reason for that. It’s not just the skill set, it does kind of require a certain mindset and it can be learned.” But ultimately, Mari says, it’s not for everyone. It’s intense work and easy to burn out. And really, that holds true for many things that seem lucrative but may not be a good personality fit. Think hard about what you can handle and what you want for your life.

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