Getting Started, What do I Do?

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Getting Started, What do I Do?: Episode 29

Getting started with your location independent life can feel overwhelming. What can I do as a career? What should I charge? will my prices scare off clients? Can I do this? In order: Any number of things, more than you think, if you’re doing it right, and yes – yes you can!




I Don’t Have Any Skills

Oh, darling, that is such a con job. You don’t have any skills that you currently value, but you do have skills. Do you make amazing blackberry jam? Can you organize any closet, no matter the disaster state it starts out in? Can you get the most recalcitrant customer service rep to straighten out your problem? Do you have the perfect method to get yourself to work out each day? You have skills, you’ve just never viewed them as being salable before. If you want help with figuring them out, stick with me to the end of this post, I’ve got a treat for you!


People: I really want to work remote, but I don't have any skills. Me: Okay, sweet pea. I need you to quit lying to both of us because the thing is you have skills. You just can't see them. Click To Tweet



Picking up your groceries on a random Tuesday

What should I charge?

There’s real math that goes into determining prices, but really this question usually is rooted in fear. Which brings up another question: Will my prices scare off clients? If you’ve priced your services correctly, yes, yes they will. When you’re getting started, scaring off clients is terrifying. The thing is, when you price your services according to the value you provide you’re scaring off cheap clients. You’re scaring off clients who would have been a huge pain. Instead, focus on drawing in clients who value your work.


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Can I do this?


I’m really tempted to leave that as the entire paragraph, because it really doesn’t need any qualifiers. So, I will add this: You’re stronger, better, and more creative than you believe you are. And when you put it to the test, you’ll see it for yourself. Just take that first step, and then the next. You’ll get there.


The Treat

I want you to succeed! So, I’m offering to sit down with you on Zoom to do a skills assessment with you and work through a few options for both active and passive income based on the skills we uncover.  Go here and pick a time. I’ll send you a few questions so we can get right to the good stuff plus a release to use the recording in an episode. It can be completely anonymous so we can not just get you going, but also help others by sharing the process.


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