Dr. Sonia Jaeger, Psychotherapist

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Dr. Sonia Jaeger, Psychotherapist: Episode 15

Dr. Sonia Jaeger took a sabbatical after completing her Ph.D. studies and once she defended her thesis, she set up a remote practice as a Psychotherapist. Sonia not only works with clients one on one, she also has group calls, runs a mastermind group for therapists, and she helps other German psychotherapists navigate their way to becoming remote as well. You can find Sonia at sonia-jaeger.com as well as on Instagram and Facebook in English/German and French.



Taking it Slow

When she started her path as a remote psychotherapist, Sonia gave herself six months to see where it took her, how it would go. And when it went well, she gave herself another six months to see about building up her clientele. Each success lead to seeing what steps she could take next, to build a sustainable practice while traveling. Over two years from idea to sustainability, Sonia learned what worked for her. While we want our businesses to take off immediately, building that foundation is just as important.

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woman leaning against a tree, working on laptop

Sonia, working outdoors


One thing Sonia could have done sooner is outsourcing. It’s hard to work on your business and in your business at the same time. Once you’re at a point where you can delegate the “office” work, you can focus on doing what you’re best at. It also frees you up to be more creative. We’re at our most creative when our minds have time to rest and play.


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Multiple Streams of Income

Being location independent, if our wifi goes out or we get stuck in transit, we can lose income quickly. And that’s one of many reasons that having multiple income streams is generally a good idea. It also can free you from trading time for money. We don’t necessarily think of professional work as being something that can have various ways to bring in income. If you’re a therapist, then you’re a therapist. Sonia has been looking at the bigger picture and in addition to one on one and group sessions, advises colleagues on becoming remote, and is looking at writing a book. Where can you diversify your income?

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