Laura Roeder, Founder

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Laura Roeder, Founder: Episode 9

Laura Roeder is the founder of MeetEdgar, a social media scheduling service and the first one to allow users to set up evergreen content to cycle through. You can find her on Twitter and you can find MeetEdgar on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, on meetedgar.com.





Fully Remote Team

Laura started MeetEdgar as fully remote, from the beginning. The team works across the US time zones, to keep everyone somewhat on the same schedule. Working across a wide spread of time zones can get tricky, since any time one of you has a question you may have to wait a day for an answer. Also, keeping everyone in the US means that the benefits distribution is the same too.

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Laura Roeder with MeetEdgar Team

Laura Roeder with MeetEdgar Team at Red Rock



Meet Edgar is self-funded, meaning Laura used income from her other work to get the company going. She loves the freedom that owning the company in full gives her. Investors are trading their money for control, and that’s a calculation every business owner has to make for herself. Laura does wish she had kept better track of the money and time-as-money that went into building the company.

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Keeping a Regular Schedule

Being self-employed it’s super easy to start before you’ve had breakfast and work until bedtime, of course then burnout is just around the corner. Laura has always avoided that by keeping “office hours” of her own. Since speaking with her, I’ve shifted my schedule to have a three-hour morning session, for the podcast and a three-hour afternoon session for my design work. It’s made a huge difference, though it’s hardly ever perfect.

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