Chrystabelle, Messenger Bot Marketer

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Chrystabelle, Messenger Bot Marketer: Episode 53

Chrystabelle left her corporate career, started two businesses that didn’t work out before going back to her corporate skills and building a business that works for her. She went back to her basics and then niched down and found something new that she really enjoys and meets her financial needs. You can find Chrystabelle in her mastermind, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and on her podcast Hack Your Online Business.




Internship Instead of University

We talk about university on the show for a couple of reasons. I think we need the reminder that for those of us who attended university, most don’t end up working in the field we studied, but we can bring things we learned into what we do now. Also, we don’t need to have gone to university to do well in life and in entrepreneurship. Instead of heading to study, Chrystabelle took a year off and then set herself up in an internship and worked her way up. A note here: in some countries, like the US, there are specific legal requirements for something to be considered an internship. In these cases, I think we might apply the word ‘apprenticeship’ more accurately. Either way, Chrystabelle created her own arena for learning and you can too.


I have all the marketing strategies I feel that I need to grow a business, but sometimes the mindset is the thing that's stopping me from getting to where I want to get to ~Chrystabelle Click To Tweet


Chrystabelle enjoying her travels


Failure to Success

Chrys Media, Chrystabelle’s company is her third venture. She set up two businesses that didn’t work out, first. We need to remember that we may not find our exact right work the first time around. That also doesn’t mean we need to give up and start filling out job applications. Had Chrystabelle walked away after her first failed business, or her second, she wouldn’t be living the life she has now. Have faith in yourself and your ability to figure out what’s next for you.


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Compete on Offerings not Price

Competing on price is a race to the bottom, every time. You get little money and clients who often try to take advantage. Instead, think about what you offer, what makes you different and build your business, your reputation around that. No one else is you, we don’t think or create just like you. It may feel easy or obvious to you, but know that your way of doing things is important for your business.



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