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Chrystabelle, Messenger Bot Marketer

Chrystabelle, Messenger Bot Marketer: Episode 53 Chrystabelle left her corporate career, started two businesses that didn’t work out before going back to her corporate skills and building a business that works for her. She went back to her basics and then niched down and found something new that she really enjoys and meets her financial needs. You can find Chrystabelle in her mastermind, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and on her ...

Lili Tanis, On-Camera Coach

Lili Tanis, On-Camera Coach: Episode 51 Lili Tanis works with clients to build their video presence, both in the way they present themselves as well as their available content. You can find Lili on her site, and on Facebook and Instagram. She also has a Videos that Convert challenge that shows you how to create just that.       Being Social while Working from Home This is one that many of us go through, especially if ...

Jordan Jeppe, Social Media Marketer

Jordan Jeppe, Social Media Marketer: Episode 46 Jordan Jeppe built her social media marketing career by keeping open to opportunities and saying yes when they came her way. You can find Jordan at jjandcomgmt.com as well as on Instagram and Facebook.       Following Opportunities that Show Up When Jordan was in school in LA she waitressed, and her customers would ask what she was studying. Having these conversations led to her ...

Melody Spencer, Marketing Mentor

Melody Spencer, Marketing Mentor: Episode 24 Melody Spencer is a marketing mentor who started out as an administrative assistant. She took what she had learned in her marketing studies and applied them to the then new world of digital marketing and went out on her own. You can find Melody at swiftlysocial.com and on her podcast Biz Babes with Soul, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.     Client Expectations When you start out, ...