Hannah Dixon, VA Trainer

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Hannah Dixon, VA Trainer: Episode 36

Hannah Dixon turned a job that she fell into, acting as a virtual assistant, into a way to help others create their own destinies. While that sounds a bit dramatic, it’s true. By showing exactly how you can take your interests and use them to niche down, Hannah teaches not only virtual assistant skills, but also building a specialized business. You can find her at digitalnomadkit.com where you can take her free Five Day VA Challenge.




Becoming an Authority

Talking with Hannah, I quickly learned how passionate she feels about niching down, because it’s simpler to become an authority on one area than all of them. By focusing on one of your interests as a virtual assistant specialty not only do you get to dig in on what you enjoy, you add value to what you offer clients. It’s basically getting paid more (specialists often earn higher rates) to learn about something you’re already interested in.


If you are not taking steps, you are literally standing still. So imperfect action is better than no action at all. ~Hannah Dixon Click To Tweet



Hannah, taking a break from working

Using Video to Acquire Clients

This is a tip I’m taking to heart and I wanted to make doubly sure you saw it. Hannah created short videos addressing common questions, and when group members would ask she would only have to share the link, instead of writing an answer, again and again. Not only does this mean less work for you, but it helps you get precise in your language when talking about your work, to get your point across in the couple of minutes you’ve got someone’s attention for a video.


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Owning Up to Mistakes

When first building her course, Hannah quickly found out that she needed more time to fully deliver her work. Instead of hiding, she reached out to her students and explained the situation. By offering either a refund or additional consultation time with them, she managed to keep all her clients and give them exactly what she promised, in a somewhat extended time frame. Those clients are some of her strongest supporters. Honesty builds trust, like nothing else.






The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Virtual Assistants



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