Kate Buck Jr, Social Media Strategist

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Kate Buck Jr, Social Media Strategist: Episode 4

Kate Buck Jr has been working in social media for thirteen years and her skills have grown with the industry. She started as a community administrator, shifting to a social media manager then later a social media strategist with her own course Social Media Pro, teaching thousands to become social media managers. You can find her at kbjonline.com, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Kate is also co-host of Blessed Podcast.




Multiple Income Source

Starting out having graduated with a degree in dance left Kate with a need for side income almost immediately. Her first side hustle, managing website and newsletters for Mary Kay reps, not only taught Kate the importance of having multiple streams of income, but gave her her first steps in online work. If one stream dries up, then you’re still ok, with another few streams supporting you.

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Brunette woman at desk, typing on laptop with webcam set up

Kate, at her workspace, getting ready for a live video session

Create Your Own Promotion

In traditional employment, the path to promotion is often pretty straight forward. Being self employed, you tend to cover all rolls at once. Keeping an eye on the shifts in your industry, you can also give yourself a promotion by learning the skills and rewriting your job description. While social media manager and social media strategist are very different jobs, one clearly lead to the other for Kate.


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Ask for the Money

Many of us hesitate to bring up the subject of money. That’s one of the reasons we discuss it on Compass, it’s a difficult subject and we need to be more open with each other. I love this piece of advice Kate received from Paul Cheney: if people were saying yes to the price, if everyone was saying yes, that I wasn’t asking enough and if I was too busy that I couldn’t take on any more clients, that I wasn’t charging enough either.

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