Alana Zivanovic, Events Director

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Alana Zivanovic, Events Director: Episode 7

Alana Zivanovic always wanted to be a performer and eventually became a singer, but when a contract got canceled, she found herself working in events planning in Thailand. She quickly discovered that not only did she enjoy the work, but it was fulfilling. It seems unusual, planning events for a certain location, while being location independent, but it turns out that very little of the work needs to be done on site. You can find Alana on LinkedIn, Skype, and Instagram, as well as on her personal site alanazivanovic.com




Finding Work That Fulfills You

Alana had spent a lot of time trying on different roles, mostly figuring out what didn’t work for her. Social media management wasn’t really right for her. Neither was making sandwiches or advertising… but, events direction felt like a career, the right career. Most of us can relate to having a list of jobs that weren’t really us, weren’t really right. So, finding the career that fits is the flip side to that coin. It’s that feeling of being exactly where you need to be and doing work that brings out the best in you. And really, it’s worth finding it, even if the list of cast-off jobs that don’t fit, is long.

I would say to anybody looking to get into this industry and to do it nomadically as well is networking is key. ~Alana Zivanovic Click To Tweet


Alana playing guitar

Alana, playing guitar


Splitting Your Schedule

Time zones can be the bane of any digital nomad’s existence. You’re in Barcelona, your client is in Taipei, and their client is in Los Angeles. Alana keeps various schedules depending on where she is. When she’s in New Zealand, it’s a split schedule. Mornings are for email, coordinating, and writing. Afternoons are hers, and evenings are for calls since that’s when the clients are awake. Other remote workers keep the hours that their clients keep, even if it means staying up until the predawn hours where they are and sleeping until early afternoon. It’s one of the sacrifices we make to take our work with us, figuring out how the puzzle pieces that are time zones, fit together.


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Keeping Up with Tech and Tools

We live in a technology based world. It’s what allows most of us to follow our travel dreams and still work. We have apps for keeping in touch, plugins for keeping track of clients and keeping in touch, and then there’s the glorious bits and bytes that make international banking so easy. Not only does Alana keep up with everything she uses personally, but she also keeps up with the subjects of her clients’ work. Like I would keep up with the newest recording SAAS and you might keep up with vector graphics programs or secure cloud-based storage.

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