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Britany Felix, Podcast Consultant: Episode 16

Britany Felix has a variety of interests and always has. That curiosity is in part what led her to podcasting. And podcasting is what led her to become a podcasting consultant. So in a way, wanting to be a ballerina/weather girl/actress/storm chaser may, in fact, have gotten her where she is today. You can find at podcastingforcoaches.com, on Instagram, and on her podcast, Podcasting for Coaches.




The Trials of Starting a Business

Britany started her career while working a full-time job, renovating her house, and planning to go location Independent. All of this meant minimal sleep for several months. While Britany says owning a business is still hard, it’s a very different kind of hard. The determination that got her through those first few months taught her to push through and believe in her success.

you just kind of have to push through and really believe that you're capable of making it all worth it ~ Britany Felix Click To Tweet


Britany Felix | Podcast Consultant

Britany enjoying her travels

Learning to Relax Again

As entrepreneurs, we have to keep an eye out to make sure that we’re not working every waking hour. When you love what you do it’s really easy to say “I don’t need hobbies, I enjoy my work and it’s enough”. Only it’s not enough. We need to relax we need to wind down, we need to take time to refresh. The push that gets us going, that gets us stabilized in our businesses, eventually no longer serves us. Eventually, we need to step back and enjoy what we’ve created.


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Increasing Your Prices

For most of us, we start out priced too low. And many of us keep those prices too low. We have this idea of the struggling freelancer and we’ve got to let that go. Britany says that every time she raises her prices, which she does 3 to 4 times a year, she gets a new client at her new rates almost immediately. When was the last time you raised your rates?

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