Anna Lundberg, Success Coach

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Anna Lundberg, Business Coach: Episode 17

Anna Lundberg has spent part of her life in the corporate world and part of her life as a “hippie“. She’s worked in marketing for a multinational corporation and she’s traveled on a budget. Eventually, she returned to London, started her own business, and found a happy medium where she has both the freedom she had while traveling and the financial support of a successful business. You can find Anna at onestepoutside.com, Facebook, and her podcast, Reimagining Success.


Lifelong Learning

For those who consider themselves lifelong learners, keeping informed goes beyond continuing education. It’s a hobby on its own. Thankfully, there’s so much information available, we don’t need to go and pursue degrees in order to get the skills we need to take that next step. Anna goes to events, talks to people, reads, listens to podcasts, and builds her personal library of information all the time.


Anna Lundberg | Business Coach

Anna enjoying time outside

we have to keep pushing our comfort zone and we have to keep risking things ~Anna Lundberg Share on X

Coaches Need Coaches

Before getting into coaching, Anna recommends working with a coach yourself. Not only can you learn how different coaches interact with their clients, but you get to experience the process. And if you’re going to coach other people, there’s more to it than knowing how to do what you do. As coaches, you understand the importance of personal development and growth, so it’s also important to engage in that personal development and growth.


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Working Your Numbers

When it’s time to start looking at your pricing, there are several ways to come at it. You can start from the bottom up, meaning look at your expenses and time available or you can go top down, where are you take a look at what you want to make, what time you have available, and then work out your pricing. So mostly, it’s a matter of determining what you need, what you want, and how much energy/time you have.

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