Casey Marriott, Digital Marketer

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Casey Marriott, Digital Marketer: Episode 28

Casey Marriott found her way into journalism and then into the digital world. Casey has built a career for herself, figuring it out as she goes, adding skills as she finds ones that interest her. You can find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as on her business pages parotas.com and mexlocal.com




Traveling to Find Your Path

After finishing her gap year, Casey didn’t want to come home and after she did, she immediately set off to figure out how to leave again. Then, she extended. Again and again. In following her need to travel, she discovered her path through journalism and into digital marketing and SEO. Knowing one thing she wanted led to creating a life she didn’t even know existed.


You're never going to be able to come to the office, but you have to have all these other things, great experience, get great results and potentially just provide that slight savings for them, that... makes you a competitive employee.… Click To Tweet



Casey, enjoying street art

Being a Remote Worker with In-Office Colleagues

It’s not very often I get to talk with someone who is “traditionally” employed, we’ve had two others so far. There are certain difficulties that can come up when you’re remote and your colleagues aren’t. In this case, Casey handles the excuse of “you weren’t here” by being super available. Being around on Skype and Slack and more to the point, obviously around, makes that excuse moot. Additionally, being available for meetings that aren’t necessarily convenient shows a commitment to being a team player too.


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Experience and Confidence in Negotiating Prices

I often talk with womxn who start out at lower wages/prices because they are less experienced. Casey points out that a lot of this depends on your portfolio. If you can show your skills to be what your potential client needs, then that’s mostly what they care about. If you do feel like you need to start at a lower rate, make sure to raise your rates with every project until you are at least at market rates. Yes, some people look for remote workers to reduce their spend. Go freelance and offer them a package rate, so they’re not paying for time they don’t use. And please, workout your freelancer math first.

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