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Kari DePhillips, Agency Owner

Kari DePhillips, Agency Owner: Episode 47 Kari DePhillips followed her dream of working in an advertising agency, to find out that she didn’t want the life that came with it. She started taking freelance writing jobs, focused on developing her SEO skills, took on more work than hse could handle and began hiring other writers to carry it out. That is how she started The Content Factory you can also find Kari at her podcast Workationing, ...

Casey Marriott, Digital Marketer

Casey Marriott, Digital Marketer: Episode 28 Casey Marriott found her way into journalism and then into the digital world. Casey has built a career for herself, figuring it out as she goes, adding skills as she finds ones that interest her. You can find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as on her business pages parotas.com and mexlocal.com       Traveling to Find Your Path After finishing her gap year, ...