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Anna Lundberg, Success Coach

Anna Lundberg, Business Coach: Episode 17 Anna Lundberg has spent part of her life in the corporate world and part of her life as a “hippie“. She’s worked in marketing for a multinational corporation and she’s traveled on a budget. Eventually, she returned to London, started her own business, and found a happy medium where she has both the freedom she had while traveling and the financial support of a successful business. You can find ...

Michelle Ward, Career Coach

Michelle Ward, Career Coach: Episode 10 Michelle Ward spent years pursuing a musical theatre career and when she realized that the life she was chasing wasn’t the one she wanted, she couldn’t find anyone to whelp her make the shift she needed. So she became that person. Michelle is The When I Grow Up Coach, helping creative women discover, launch, and build their dream businesses. Now you can find her at whenigrowupcoach.com as ...
A Day in My Life

Ashley Wiles – A Day in My Life

Ashley Wiles: Canggu, Bali Ashley Wiles, an author, speaker, coach, and mentor gives us a peek into her day: 6:00 am I wake up and meditate for 30 minutes in my room. I usually have a water bottle beside my bed as I’m always thirsty! 630 am Walk to my workspace 2mins and open up my several social media feeds. I like the social aspect of it, and spend time commenting and responding. 7:00 am  Calls with Clients, Mentees, Coaches, Interviews ...