Tamar Levi, Children’s Book Illustrator

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Tamar Levi, Children’s Book Illustrator: Episode 50

Tamar Levi first studied philosophy, which informed how she built her career as an artist, both with illustrating books and working with pen and ink. You can find Tamar at tamarlevi.com as well as on Facebook and Twitter.




Supporting Your Path with Passive Income

Starting early, Tamar started investing any money that wasn’t put towards immediate needs. Over time this built up as a way of supporting her art through residual income, giving her a freedom to focus her art when it wasn’t yet paying bills. Is this something you can start? Putting away a little extra a month and letting it grow over time?


I studied philosophy at university in the UK, I really felt like it helped me understand pretty early on that the system is rigged. That both the academic system and the world of commerce require capital. @tamarmagan Share on X



Tamar, Live Painting

Creating a Business Education

You know what you want to do and with that in mind, you can create your own personal ‘curriculum’ for learning about business. Do you need to study marketing, or perhaps fulfillment? Not only are there a massive variety of online courses out there, but depending on where you live, there may well be in-person classes and support.


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Online Support Systems

As people who move around often, or even just work from home, building a network can be tricky. We don’t have office colleagues or watercooler talk. We do have a ton of online groups and in many cases Meetup groups. Building support systems through our interests and travels is simplest if we reach out first. It takes more work and takes time, but we can set ourselves up for success when we start building a supportive framework.


Women’s Day 2020

The Association of Illustrators


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