Cepee Tabibian, Community Founder

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Cepee Tabibian, Community Founder: Episode 45

Cepee Tabibian first studied marketing then her career path curved away towards HR, only to come back to social media marketing years later. Now Cepee is building online communities and fostering those connections between her members. You can find Cepee at her site shehitrefresh.com as well as on her personal Instagram, Facebook group, and Instagram for She Hit Refresh.




Creating Meaningful Connections

When your life is location independent, finding your community is difficult. We have online groups, and many of them are supportive, but the connections can seem fleeting. One thing Cepee does is foster meaningful connections within her groups. We hear that online relationships aren’t real and that’s just not true. It’s a question of how strong those connections are. You have to decide how much effort you’re going to put in, but building a network of other digital nomads is one of the best things you can do for your travel life.


I love that it's a place where if you can build a place of value and build an audience that you can turn that into a business as well. ~Cepee Tabibian Click To Tweet



Cepee, getting work done

Finding Community Members

“What if nobody shows up?” The thought that runs through the mind of everyone who ever hosts anything. Cepee found her original members by posting on Facebook. She continued telling people about it, putting herself out there, showing up with energy and enthusiasm and built the community up.

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Leaving Room to Negotiate

When working with individual clients, Cepee likes to overshoot her pricing, so she has a buffer for negotiation. So often we start with what we want to get paid and when the potential client comes back with a counter offer, we don’t really have room to budge and either have to walk away or take a rate lower than our work is worth. This is similar to what Ikiah talked about in her thoughts on negotiating a salary, aim high so you can land where you want.

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Madrid Blogger Network

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