Alison Gold, Social Problem Solving Consultant

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Alison Gold, Social Problem Solving Consultant: Episode 44

Alison Gold got her degree in anthropology and then worked areas like government and philanthropy for 14 years. After taking a sabbatical, Alison knew that she wanted to have the flexibility to travel and still work on projects important to her. She became a consultant working with social issues. You can find her at optimisticanthro.com as well as on Instagram.




The Right Messenger at the Right Moment

Have you ever heard the same thing from several people and just not listened until it came from someone else? We can all be a little hard-headed at times, especially me. Alison’s friends and family had been telling her she should consider consulting. She didn’t listen until meeting a couple while on a cooking tour through southern India. Maybe it was the person, maybe it was the phrasing, but Alison took heed and set up her practice when she returned to DC.


these big tough problems are not ones that like you're just going to have one solution to ~Alison Gold Click To Tweet



Alison, enjoying her time in Japan

Calling on Contacts

You know that anxiety when you’ve almost wrapped up a project or contract? That feeling of ‘where does the next job come from’? Alison has started dealing with that by letting her contacts know that she’s about to become available for work. Who can you reach out to? Who knows your work and could use your expertise or knows people who could?


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Alison believes that there are no failures, just things you have learned. Of course, this is a belief that requires practice, and self-compassion… which also requires practice. I’m going to be extra honest with you here, you’re not perfect. You’re going to mess up, probably big, at least once, and probably more. We all do. So, in that light, instead of getting upset, see if you can take a deep breath, see what you can learn, and then apply it. I would suggest having a tea in hand, but you do you.

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond’s Undoing Racism

Tamarack Institute

Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown

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