Kayla Kurin, Yoga Instructor

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Kayla Kurin, Yoga Instructor: Episode 30

Kayla Kurin got into yoga as a way of supporting her overall health and dealing with a chronic health issue. Realizing she could help others and travel at the same time was a bonus. You can find Kayla at arogayoga.com, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Kayla also has a free ten day yoga challenge for creatives.




Focusing In

When Kayla started her business, she did SEO, a mailing list, and all the social media. Her marketing efforts were scattered across several platforms. Looking back, she says she would really focus on SEO and her mailing list, if she could start again. Getting your footing in one area can help you boost your efforts in others later on.


I'll be forced I guess to keep up with my own practice and doing my own yoga from teaching it. And also I'll get to share that with other people who are struggling with chronic illness or chronic stress or insomnia. @kaylakurin Click To Tweet



Kayla, teaching an in-person class



Teaching What Helps You

As someone with a chronic illness, Kayla knows what it’s like. So, she wanted to set up her yoga instruction so that she could teach others what helped her. Is there something you’ve learned how to overcome or support yourself in? That may be a clue to the next step in your path to becoming location independent.


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Yoga, in much of the world, seems to be the reserve of fit, healthy, white women. But in reality, it’s for everybody. And the yoga community is catching up, both in how yoga is shown and in who is encouraged and supported in showing up. Kayla is super excited to see and be a part of these changes.

Yoga Alliance

Yoga Wheel

International Association of Yoga Therapists

MITx Micromasters

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