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Alison Gold, Social Problem Solving Consultant

Alison Gold, Social Problem Solving Consultant: Episode 44 Alison Gold got her degree in anthropology and then worked areas like government and philanthropy for 14 years. After taking a sabbatical, Alison knew that she wanted to have the flexibility to travel and still work on projects important to her. She became a consultant working with social issues. You can find her at optimisticanthro.com as well as on Instagram.       ...

Amy Simpkins, Renewable Energy Consultant

Amy Simpkins, Renewable Energy Consultant: Episode 32 Amy Simpkins started out as an aerospace engineer. After realizing that strategic thinking covers many fields, Amy got into business. Once she coached her husband into starting his own venture, she joined him as CEO. You can find her at¬†mugrid.com, amysimpkins.com, and bizinsideout.com.       Government Programs The US Department of Energy had a program called the Solar in ...

Christina Gawlik, Math Writer

Christina Gawlik, Math Writer: Episode 22 Christina Gawlik started as a high school math teacher, not a career you can really take with you on the road. Over the years she earned degrees and developed skills that would (and did) easily translate to becoming a consultant and content developer. Now she creates support materials for textbooks and other kinds of mathematics consulting. You can find Christina on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. ...