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Mary Tomasso, Content Creator: Episode 23

Mary Tomasso is a content creator from Italy. In addition to her content creation work, Mary also created the first virtual assistant training course in Italian. She is now learning about conversation design, helping AI interact with people. You can find her at her site marytomasso.com, and on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook



Letting Go and Delegating

If you take on too much, raise your hand. I’m thinking we all have both our arms and legs raised high. Taking on too much and then refusing to let go of some of the control is rampant among entrepreneurial women. We do thing s ourselves because we want them done right. While the idea is laudable, it’s usually too much. Being a one-woman show is exhausting. Mary says that if she could have, she would have started delegating and working with systems from the beginning. While that’s probably too much to ask, we can start now. What’s one thing you can systematize and either delegate or automate?


(D)elegation itself, it's easy. But the, the hard part is understand what you can delegate, how you can delegate and especially let go. @marytomasso Click To Tweet


Mary, enjoying her travels

Pomodoro for Productivity

We talked about the Pomodoro technique a bit with Mari Johnson in episode 11. Mary uses it to focus while she’s writing and highly recommends it. If you’re not familiar, the Pomodoro Technique, also called the tomato technique and the tomato app, after the tomato-shaped timer that started it all, consists of four 25 minute work sessions with five minute breaks in between and followed by a longer 15 minute break. Then you start over again. You can find apps or just use a timer on your own.

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Just Write

In quoting Steven King, Mary recommends to “just write.” And really it doesn’t get any simpler and sometimes any harder. Starting is the biggest hurdle and yet the first step in any endeavor. If you want to be a writer, you have to write, often. Sometimes poorly, sometimes with great abandon, but most importantly, with frequency. If you’re bad, then you’ll get better. If you’re good, you’ll still get better. No one is watching, so darling, just write.

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