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Donna Long, Travel Writer

Donna Long, Travel Writer: Episode 27 Donna Long started her location independent life after her kids left home. She knew she wanted to travel and explore, and becoming a travel writer fit her skills as well as her passion. Though the road to freelance writing can be hard, Donna wants you to remember that if writing is what you want to do, keep going, you’ll get there. You can find Donna at empty-nestopia.com, on Instagram, Twitter, ...

Mary Tomasso, Content Creator

Mary Tomasso, Content Creator: Episode 23 Mary Tomasso is a content creator from Italy. In addition to her content creation work, Mary also created the first virtual assistant training course in Italian. She is now learning about conversation design, helping AI interact with people. You can find her at her site marytomasso.com, and on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook     Letting Go and Delegating If you take on too much, raise ...
A Day in My Life

Victoria Vida – A Day in My Life

Victoria Vida: Whanganui, New Zealand Victoria Vida, writer, poet, environmentalist, and slow traveler gives us a peek into her day: 7:30 am I slowly wake up to sunlight filling my room and the sounds of ducks quacking outside my window in the bed n’ breakfast where I am currently based. 8:00 am After waking up, I spend less than an hour checking my social accounts and email to get an idea of what needs to be done. 8:30 am Soon, I join ...
A Day in My Life

Vicky Taylor – A Day in My Life

Vicky Taylor: Comillas, Spain Vicky Taylor, a translator and content creator gives us a peek into her day: 8:00 My activity bracelet starts vibrating after elbowing my boyfriend Ryan 3 times for snoring during the morning hours. I hug my hot water bottle and wonder how it could possibly be 8 AM already. Ryan starts the camper van to heat it up while I start booting up my laptop. 8:30 I missed breakfast because I stayed in bed a little too ...