Heather Ryan, Bookkeeper and Accountant

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Heather Ryan, Bookkeeper and Accountant: Episode 1

Heather Ryan is a bookkeeper and accountant who travels the US and Canada by RV with her husband and two dogs. Her grandfather instilled in her a love of baking and interestingly, that’s how she found her way to specializing in finances. You can find her at tax-queen.com as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. Her book, Taxes for RV Owners: What every nomad should know about taxes covers the unique tax situations that digital nomads find themselves in. 




Success is Never a Straight Line

Baking then computer science, back to baking again, now finances, Heather is no exception to the truth that it’s our winding paths that lead us to where we need to be. When you’re looking at what seems like someone else’s simple and straight trajectory, know that there are loops and knots in there too, you’re just not seeing them.

If that tells you anything you should always start with your heart. ~Heather Ryan Click To Tweet


laptop and monitor on picnic table at campsite

Heather’s workspace at a campsite

Digital Nomad Taxes

Being location independent brings with it some special challenges, along with the host of benefits. We know all about the flexible hours and the ability to chase the sun no matter the season, even if that part is way over glamorized. There’s another side to the story, too. Your tax situation can get messy awfully quickly, and it’s best to find out your obligations before they become a problem.


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Becoming an Enrolled Agent

You don’t have to start with baking, but it’s good to get a sense of the numbers in running a small business. There are also exams and an apprenticeship of sorts, plus annual continuing education requirements. It’s a process and one that those of us who use accountants greatly appreciate.



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