Bonnie Christine, Surface Pattern Designer

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Bonnie Christine, Surface Pattern Designer: Episode 39

Bonnie Christine coming from a family of entrepreneurs, knew she wanted that freedom, but wasn’t sure of her path. Not until working in her mom’s quilt shop after finishing her business degree, did she discover her love for fabric design. You can find her at bonniechristine.com as well as on Facebook and Instagram




One Thing Every Day

Five huge leaps, or a hundred tiny steps, it doesn’t matter how you get to your big dream. It just matters that you get there. If you make a commitment to taking one action every day, no matter how small, Bonnie says you’ll be amazed at how much progress you make over time.


It's the overwhelming feeling of like, I don't know what I'll be doing in six months from now, or what questions I need to have answered. I don't know all that, but I do know what I could do today to just kind of move the needle just a… Click To Tweet



Bonnie, working in her office

Contract to Paycheck

While it can take a while to get your first licensing contract, your wait isn’t over just yet. First, you create the design, then it gets approved and the items are made. Next, the items get shipped and hopefully sold. After that, you receive a quarterly paycheck based on how many sold and the percentage that you negotiated. So while this kind of work can be fulfilling, you need to have another way to support yourself in the interim.


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When it’s time to work out the details, make sure you’re happy with your percentage. There may be a standard rate and at the same time, there may be room for negotiation. It won’t hurt to try and can add up in the long run. Negotiation can feel uncomfortable for many of us. Companies sometimes count on that to limit their expenses, don’t let them. 


Tools and Supplies

International Quilt Market Trade Show

Art Gallery Fabrics



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