Linnea Molander, Dating Coach

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Linnea Molander, Dating Coach: Episode 25

Linnea Molander started out pursuing musical theater, took a detour as an airport bus driver then found a neuroscience-based university program for coaching. With a focus on happiness and attachment psychology everything tied in just right for her to start her dating coach business while still in school. You can find Linnea at happydating.se in Swedish and on linneamolander.com in English.



Solving Your Problems to Solve Client Problems

At first, Linnea took what she was learning in her coaching program to improve her own dating life. Then, when she started talking about her experiences she learned it wasn’t just her. So many people related to what she was experiencing. By tackling her own questions she learned how to help others. Linnea knew exactly how to speak to potential clients because she’d been there and knew how they were feeling, what they were experiencing.


I figured out so many ways where I can have like, live a luxurious or adventurous life but not, but using the currency of time is the currency of money. ~Linnea Molander Click To Tweet


Linnea’s workspace in Bali


Designing Your Life for Happiness

Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want. It comes from creating positive emotions in your life. For Linnea that means creating her own schedule, keeping things soft, using time over money to get what she wants. Of course, this is going to vary for all of us. But, think about it, what would make your life feel just right for you?


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Emotional Sweet Spot in Pricing

Usually, I get a variation of one of two answers for how people decide on pricing. Either they start with how much they need to make in a year and work back to what that means hourly or they start with a number that “seems” right and adjust from there over a series of clients. Linnea has a different attitude. She thinks of a number and sees if she feels excited about doing the work for that price, does it get her going or is there resistance? Even if you love what you do so much you’d do it for free, there’s still a jump out of bed number for you, I’d bet.

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