Elena Manavis, Business Developer

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Elena Manavis, Business Developer: Episode 26

Elena Manavis started out in theater and it has served her well. The communication skills she picked up help her every day in getting her message across to help struggling business owners solve problems they may not have even known they had. Most days, you can find Elena on LinkedIn.



Your Business as What You Do not Who You Are

Many of us start out thinking of our businesses as our babies. We have an idea and it grows and we love it, as Elena says, “it may not be perfect but it’s mine.” Only, that mindset can hold us back. Thinking of your business as what you do, means you can make changes, cut services, pivot, and rebuild as needed. It takes the emotion out of what can be tough decisions. If anything, it’s more like a rose bush, strategic trimming and tending make your business stronger.


I always try to build my agenda following some golden rules. One of them is creating a Swiss cheese model, so making sure I have more breaks than busy times. ~Elena Manavis Click To Tweet


Elena on a hike

Swiss Cheese Model

It may be time to look at how you schedule your day. Do you try to cram in all the things? Elena schedules her day using what she calls the Swiss cheese model, more space than activities. This means, when things go sideways, as they tend to do, you’ve got the time to take care of them. And at the end of the day, you’ve got your big goals moved forward as well as any fires put out.


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Meditation as a Break

Whether you’re into the woowoo or not, meditation can serve as a reset button. Elena uses it as time to take a break and refill her cup, so to speak. If you run yourself down, then there’s nothing for you to draw on when it’s time to create or to serve your clients. Taking some time to recenter and build back up helps you and your business, and meditation is one way to do that.


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