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Margaret Tra, Music Publicist

Margaret Tra, Music Publicist: Episode 12 Margaret Tra is an Australian music publicist currently traveling in Europe. She felt a bit lost at first, looking for a fulfilling career and seeing her parents expectations for her following a different path. Ultimately, her degree in PR and love of music found her doing publicity for musician friends and word of mouth brought her more clients. Today you can find Margaret at stimulateyoursoul.com ...

Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist

Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist: Episode 3 Natalie Williams transitioned from being a virtual assistant to specializing in connecting podcast guests and hosts. She started following the path we’re often encouraged to follow, but it wasn’t right for her, so she found her own way. You can find her at virtuallynatalie.com and on Instagram.       Play to Find Your Work At a young age Natalie took on the persona ...