Remote Work Discovery Call

Remote Work Discovery Call $150 

You want to pack your bags and work from wherever, but what kind of work can you do? Maybe it feels like you don’t have any skills, or maybe you don’t see how your skills transfer into being out of an office. Very few people can’t work remotely, but it can require some changes. So, let’s find out how this works for you.  


During our one hour call, we will talk about what you love, what you’re good at, what you’d be happy to learn, and how to combine all those things into a job that meets your needs. Then we create a plan to make it happen. How do you get started, how much money do you really need, what are your first steps?


Once we answer these questions and set up your personal plan, we’ll set up checkpoints to keep you on track. I’ll email you periodically, to give that outside accountability so many of us need.


Ready to take your first step towards becoming a member of the digital nomad community?