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Laura Roeder, Founder

Laura Roeder, Founder: Episode 9 Laura Roeder is the founder of MeetEdgar, a social media scheduling service and the first one to allow users to set up evergreen content to cycle through. You can find her on Twitter and you can find MeetEdgar on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, on meetedgar.com.         Fully Remote Team Laura started MeetEdgar as fully remote, from the beginning. The team works across the US time zones, ...

Ikiah McGowan, Community Fundraising Manager

Ikiah McGowan, Community Fundraising Manager: Episode 8 Ikiah McGowan is a community fundraising manager who uses her marketing and relationship building skills to bring in funds for social good. She found a managerial role that she was able to do from home, giving her the flexibility of being remote with the benefits of a traditional workplace. You can soon find Ikiah at her site ikiah.com.     Becoming a Philanthropist Beyond ...

Amy Scott, Editor

Amy Scott, Editor: Episode 6 Amy Scott is a freelance editor at nomadeditorial.com, where she works with authors in all stages of the writing process. She quit her job at a publishing company and took off on an around the world trip in 2004, which led her to hang out her own shingle the next year. Amy also runs nomadtopia.com where she has a membership community and her own podcast, Nomadtopia.       Coming Full Circle Amy ...

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Small Business Attorney

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Small business Attorney: Episode 5 Elizabeth Potts Weinstein is a fully remote small business attorney. She started in the sciences and made her way to patent law, then financial planning, and finally here, to small business law. You can find her at elizabethpw.com as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Also, I wanted to share my favorite post from her blog, What To Do If You Get a Cease & Desist Letter: Have a ...

Kate Buck Jr, Social Media Strategist

Kate Buck Jr, Social Media Strategist: Episode 4 Kate Buck Jr has been working in social media for thirteen years and her skills have grown with the industry. She started as a community administrator, shifting to a social media manager then later a social media strategist with her own course Social Media Pro, teaching thousands to become social media managers. You can find her at kbjonline.com, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, ...

Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist

Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist: Episode 3 Natalie Williams transitioned from being a virtual assistant to specializing in connecting podcast guests and hosts. She started following the path we’re often encouraged to follow, but it wasn’t right for her, so she found her own way. You can find her at virtuallynatalie.com and on Instagram.       Play to Find Your Work At a young age Natalie took on the persona ...

Alyssa Cairns, Home Design and Decor Consultant

Alyssa Cairns, Home Design and Decor Consultant: Episode 2 Alyssa Cairns is a home design and decor consultant who works online and lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and two children. She started after deciding that she had to find a way to stay at home with her newborn rather than juggle commuting and childcare. You can find her at alyssaturnercairns.com as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can use the code ...

Heather Ryan, Bookkeeper and Accountant

Heather Ryan, Bookkeeper and Accountant: Episode 1 Heather Ryan is a bookkeeper and accountant who travels the US and Canada by RV with her husband and two dogs. Her grandfather instilled in her a love of baking and interestingly, that’s how she found her way to specializing in finances. You can find her at tax-queen.com as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. Her book, Taxes for RV Owners: What every nomad should know about taxes covers ...