Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Small Business Attorney

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Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Small business Attorney: Episode 5

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein is a fully remote small business attorney. She started in the sciences and made her way to patent law, then financial planning, and finally here, to small business law. You can find her at elizabethpw.com as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Also, I wanted to share my favorite post from her blog, What To Do If You Get a Cease & Desist Letter: Have a Cup of Tea.




Scientific Method

Coming from a science background, Elizabeth views what some would call failures as experiments that just need a little tweaking. Just because you don’t get the results from your marketing campaign on the first try doesn’t mean it failed. It means you have more information to work with next time. Odds are you’re not going to be perfect, but you can learn from everything you try. Sometimes you learn what to do, sometimes you learn what not to do, but you’re still learning.

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Elizabeth, on a hike

Know Who You Are, Know How You Are

Elizabeth originally studied chemistry, biology, and environmental studies. Then she did summer lab research and was so frustrated. She knew that spending the next seven years researching in a lab wasn’t for her. So, she applied to law school. Think about not only what you want to do, but how doing it will affect you. Do you need to break up your day with walks and movement? Do you need to be around people? Or maybe you desperately need to work on your own to get anything done. Pay attention to what you need, and act on it.


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Accidental Business

Elizabeth’s switch from financial planning and estate planning to small business advising happened because people kept asking. It can be difficult to see what we’re good at because it’s easy for us. Only, just because it’s easy for you, doesn’t mean it’s easy. When people keep asking you to help them do something, remember what Elizabeth says, “Sometimes the best businesses are ones that happen almost accidentally.”

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