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A Day in My Life

Vicky Taylor – A Day in My Life

Vicky Taylor: Comillas, Spain Vicky Taylor, a translator and content creator gives us a peek into her day: 8:00 My activity bracelet starts vibrating after elbowing my boyfriend Ryan 3 times for snoring during the morning hours. I hug my hot water bottle and wonder how it could possibly be 8 AM already. Ryan starts the camper van to heat it up while I start booting up my laptop. 8:30 I missed breakfast because I stayed in bed a little too ...

Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist

Natalie Williams, Podcast PR Specialist: Episode 3 Natalie Williams transitioned from being a virtual assistant to specializing in connecting podcast guests and hosts. She started following the path we’re often encouraged to follow, but it wasn’t right for her, so she found her own way. You can find her at virtuallynatalie.com and on Instagram.       Play to Find Your Work At a young age Natalie took on the persona ...

Alyssa Cairns, Home Design and Decor Consultant

Alyssa Cairns, Home Design and Decor Consultant: Episode 2 Alyssa Cairns is a home design and decor consultant who works online and lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and two children. She started after deciding that she had to find a way to stay at home with her newborn rather than juggle commuting and childcare. You can find her at alyssaturnercairns.com as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can use the code ...

Heather Ryan, Bookkeeper and Accountant

Heather Ryan, Bookkeeper and Accountant: Episode 1 Heather Ryan is a bookkeeper and accountant who travels the US and Canada by RV with her husband and two dogs. Her grandfather instilled in her a love of baking and interestingly, that’s how she found her way to specializing in finances. You can find her at tax-queen.com as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. Her book, Taxes for RV Owners: What every nomad should know about taxes covers ...


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome I just wanted to pop in and write a short note to tell you how happy I am that you came by. I started Compass when I saw so many women looking for ways to become location independent and mostly got inundated with responses about MLMs, dropshipping, and ESL tutoring. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those things, there are so many options and at the same time, that makes it difficult to ...