Martina Russo, Translator

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Martina Russo, Translator: Episode 20

Martina Russo is a translator and action sports enthusiast who also travels with her cats. She can be found for translation work at theactionsportstranslator.com for action sports translations. You can follow Martina’s adventures with her cats at thenomadcats.com.



Starting Without a Plan

Martina started her location independent life without much of a plan and it was as difficult as you might expect. She figured it out, setting up her website, contacting translation agencies, and building up her business one client at a time. Over time she converted from agencies to direct client work, sometimes offering to do a limited amount of work for free and then taking them on as paying clients once they were hooked.


Martina Climbing

Martina climbing in Tenerife

when I started out, had no idea what I was doing. I just tried working, you know, whatever came in. My first few jobs were like a nightmare... ~Martina Russo Click To Tweet


Bringing Your Passions into Your Work

By combining her love of action sports with her translation skills Martina spends much of her work time writing about what she loves. Recently she took on work after clients found her blog about nomading with cats. Combining skill with passion can bring surprising results. And it doesn’t hurt that she enjoys marketing focused translations too.

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Marketing on LinkedIn

Martina doesn’t do much in the way of traditional content marketing, but LinkedIn is a different story. Since she works directly with businesses, LinkedIn is a great place for Martina to share posts. Having built up her reputation there, her posts drive clients to her site where they can (and do) reach out for quotes. Do you know where your clients spend their time? Are you reaching out to them there?


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